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BBB: Have a Blast this December


BBB, or Ball Bounce Blast is a mobile physics puzzler that answers the question: What if the glove from Glover 64 was a cannon?

The object of the game is to launch the ball towards the goal. Simple enough. But the player can change the ball midflight. With over 80 playable levels, four unique ball types, and dozens of unlockable skins, this mobile physics puzzler will keep you playing for hours on end.



About the game

BBB combines the physics launching mechanics of games like Angry Birds, with the material swapping mechanics of Glover 64. In a standard level, the player aims the cannon towards the goal, launches, and then can switch between four different ball types: Rubber, Bowling, Beach, and Pinball.

Where the game gets interesting is in overcoming the numerous obstacles. For example, the player may want to avoid spikes with the rubber and beach balls. Or they may want to use magnets to their advantage with the pinball. With endless combinations of mechanics, you’ll be scratching your head over how to solve some of these engrossing and engaging puzzles.

Depending on how well you perform, you can earn Bounce Bucks which allow you to unlock alternate skins for each of the balls.  Ball Bounce Blast is set to release December 19th, 2017 for free on both iOS and Android. And when we say free, we mean free. No ads, no microtransactions, just Bomb Shelter Games’ gift to you.

  • 80 playable levels
  • Dozens of unlockables
  • 8 unique worlds
  • Catchy and addicting sound track
  • Hours of fun
  • 100% free


BBB will be available Dec 19th, 2017 for Android and iOS.

Learn more here:


Game Information

Platform:             Android/iOS
Developer:           Bomb Shelter Games
Publisher:             Bomb Shelter Games
Release date:       December 19, 2017






Google Play:

App Store:



Owen Leach: Designer/Producer/Programmer

Bennett Tyler: Art Director

Rebecca Tullo: UI Artist, Environment Artist

James Salvati: QA and Additional Tech

J.P. Mosca: Audio Designer

Kevin Kozik: Composer


Bomb Shelter Games Info:

Bomb Shelter Games LLC is a Boston based indie developer founded in 2009. We split our time developing for both PC and mobile markets, but have also dabbled in the serious games space. Our vision is to create joy in our players through appealing graphics, compelling gameplay, and charm.

Company Website:


(978) 821-2596

28 Fairmount St
Clinton, MA 01510

Twitter: @Bomb_Shelter