Take on the role of John Q Averagman: an overweight everyman working as a construction worker. He isn’t a hero. He isn’t out to save the world. He just wants to make it through his day so he can sit on his couch and crack open a beer.

One day, working on the new city skyscraper, his workday takes an exciting turn. Across the work site someone has left a six pack of beer sitting on a girder. The only problem is it is really far away, and he’s kind of lazy. John must brave the elements, conquer the obstacles, and reach the glory his beer entails.

Can you bring a glimmer of hope into an average man’s life? Will you rise to the challenge? If so, you may just be tough enough to become average. Just one problem, John’s a bit out of shape, so be careful how often you make him jump. He may just have a heart attack.












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