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Getting Greenlit: Ten days, $60, and no followers part 2

Our Marketing Strategy…Or lack there of   This is part 2 of a blog post about our journey through the Steam Greenlight process. If you haven’t read part 1, please do so here: It will help provide context. This being part 2 I am going to focus exclusively on our marketing approach to getting […]

Getting Greenlit: Ten days, $60, and no followers part 1

On July 27th 2016 we at Bomb Shelter Games launched our Steam Greenlight campaign for our upcoming game, Ballistick. While we have been doing game development for about 7 years, we had only shipped one previous commercial title (for mobile) that didn’t perform all that well. It had about 2,000 downloads and did not develop […]

Acts of Violence and Video Games

Hey there, In light of recent events there has been some talk of whether or not now is the appropriate time to promote a game like Ballistick. Mass shootings in the United States and Germany as well as many other atrocities have been taking place more so than usual in the past month or so. […]

Gotta be Blogging

Hey all, Bennett and Owen over at Bomb Shelter Games thought it could be fun to share some of our game development process with you. Chat it up about the games we are making, how we do it, where we cut corners, that sort of thing. We plan to update at least once or twice […]