Acts of Violence and Video Games

- Updated July 23, 2016

Hey there,

In light of recent events there has been some talk of whether or not now is the appropriate time to promote a game like Ballistick. Mass shootings in the United States and Germany as well as many other atrocities have been taking place more so than usual in the past month or so.

Ballistick’s motto is “Violence Solves Everything.” So does it actually? Well no. This is an homage to a generation of games that embraced over-the-top violence and gore. It was about escapism, humor, and fantasy. Stick death videos are not reality and the things committed in them obviously should not be replicated. And I shouldn’t have to say this. Everyone knows this. It’s common sense. What happens on a screen to stick figures is in no way related to our actual behavior as human beings.

Games are about escaping your everyday life and entering another. We as humans can differentiate fantasy from reality. I know that when I kill someone in GTA or Call of Duty, no one actually dies. It’s an image on a screen. We are taught from birth that murder is wrong. 50 hours in a game saying murder is ok will not change your core human value system.

So should we stop promoting a game that endorses violence? In my opinion, of course not! If we allow terrorists and murders to stop us from enjoying games, movies, music, what have you, they win.

I would love to hear your thoughts on the subject. Please keep it constructive and civil.


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