Madness Comes to Us All

From 1991-1999 a series of sounds have been detected deep within the ocean. All heard around the world, 3000 miles away from the detection center. Further away than any known creature can communicate.

Ever since, the sounds have proceeded, each year moving closer and closer to the same location. All except this year. The sounds have reached their destination and have stopped all together. It’s your job to investigate...

Depths of Sanity is a Metroidvania action adventure game based on exploring the depths of the ocean. The player is tasked with investigating noises heard from the ocean that cannot be explained by scientists. As they delve deeper they begin to question their reality and their mission as a whole.

6 Main worlds – Reef, Caves, Sunken Ship, Volcano, Deep Ocean, The Depths
Dozens of unlockables – Torpedoes, flares, sonar, depth charges, lasers, bounce shots, new hulls, and many more...
Unique boss fights
Pixel Art Graphics

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Meet The Team

Bomb Shelter Games LLC is a Boston based indie developer founded in 2009. We split our time developing for both PC and mobile markets, but have also dabbled in the serious games space. Our vision is to create joy in our players through appealing graphics, compelling gameplay, and charm.

Owen Leach

Designer / Producer / Programmer

Bennett Tyler

Art Director

James Salvati

Tech Consultant / Programmer / QA

J.P. Mosca

Audio Designer

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